18 May, 2018

The Quintessence of Style

18 May, 2018

There are ensembles that never go out of style. They just weave their way through time giving each generation a chance to tweak and modify the style by staying true to its origin. As the years move on, they become items of desire and objects of pride.

For men’s fashion, it has to be the suit, more specifically, the tuxedo. A style that has percolated through the ages, with transformative powers that turn even the most ordinary men into show stopping style icons. At SS HOMME, a custom hand tailored tuxedo is not only cut with precision but made to take your body shape over the years. Like fine wine that only tastes better once it is aged.

In the automotive world, it has to be Porsche’s 911 (pronounced, nine eleven) Carrera. This rear engine, rear wheel drive car remains the pinnacle of automobile desire even as it stays true to it’s title of the quintessential sports car. The 911 Carrera has made it’s mark through history as one of the must-haves in every petrol-head’s garage. I’d say that for a tuxedo as well. If you are a man, you should genuinely own a tuxedo.

As Jeremy Clarkson once said about Porsche, comparing them to the likes of adult food, “When you are young, you like to eat cheesy burgers and fries and drink Pepsi or Mountain Dew, but as you grow up, your taste-buds mature and you start developing a liking for salad and beer.” The 911 is very much like adult food. It may not be as appealing to you as a Lamborghini or a Pagani when you were nine, but it does genuinely grow on you as time goes by. What’s amazing is how Porsche have stayed true and single pointed to the 911 and kept making minor changes to it through the times to try and make the perfect sports car for the driver.

The new 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet (quite the mouthful), is definitely up to date with the times and is certainly not the mid-life crisis car anymore. It appeals to just about everyone. Remember, just because it’s a soft top doesn’t mean it’s for sissies. The Carrera S Cabriolet has to be one of the most amazing drop tops I have driven in a long time. it’s the perfect machine to cruise the coastal roads at sunset or challenge the mountain twisties at sunrise, at the same time, it’s a car you can drive to work every day of the week and then shame other sports cars on the track during the weekend.

I’m not going to go on about how Porsche have stepped away from being purists and have downsized and turbocharged the engine because that’s old news and everyone seems to have something to say about it, but I am going to say that the new car is so God damned good, that it makes even novice drivers feel like legendary race pros.

This is probably one of the fastest convertibles available in the market right now. There are very few cars that can transition well from coupé to convertible and the Porsche does it effortlessly. Everything about the car is special. The thirteen seconds it takes for the roof to rise and lock, the touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and the new engine cover with vertical cooling slats. The car even comes with active aero on the front bumper and on the rear, moving in a way that keeps the air flowing over the car so that it sticks to the ground. Grip is phenomenal.

One of the biggest additions to the new car is the mode selector dial on the steering wheel that allows the driver to switch between, “drive,” “sport”, “sport+,” and “individual” modes. The beast is ferocious yet perfectly tuned, with just the right amount of roar. Hassle free and precise, “Sport” is alert, ready to pounce when given the command. “Sport+” means its time for you to kick up the dust. To explain it in the easy way, the mode selector changes the way the car responds to the throttle and braking inputs, making the car even more aggressive as you switch modes from “Drive” to “Sports+.” The best part of all has to be the button at the centre of this dial. A button specifically for boost.

Get into “Sport+” mode, as you are driving shift from second to third and go pedal to metal and hit that button. It immediately pins you to your seat, giving you a boost so massive that takes the tach needle all the way to the 7400rpm red-line before it blurts a grunt as you shift up to the next gear, getting you to triple digit speeds before you can say “PDK.” As this is happening, the noise that comes out of the twin centre out pipes is cataclysm inducing. The car grunts and growls at lower rpms, but take it above the 5000 mark and it will bellow at the top of it’s lungs all the way to the red-line. Let go of the gas and it spits and sputters, drawing in attention from places where you thought you’d never get any. It is genuinely remarkable. Inspite of all this drama, it’s still civilized, The 911 Carrera S is a poignant reminder that even a sports car can be practical. It is calm and peaceful to drive and with the active exhaust turned off, it barely makes audible. It is a mature car, no doubt. It will always exude an attitude of class, letting the world know that it has a rich bloodline. You can tell that time and effort have gone into making this car. Decades of research and development to perfect its design, appeal and drivability. More than fifty years of heritage, with the blood and sweat of multiple people having been incorporated into making your experience in the 911 unique. It’s like that bespoke tuxedo of yours. Custom made for you by designers, stylists and tailors that have taken the time to understand the true essence of style akin to your handcrafted bespoke suit.


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