18 May, 2018


18 May, 2018

In today’s fast paced world, making a statement is given paramount importance. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong in having nice things, it’s just that these things do not have much practical utility. They can’t be used everyday because you run the risk of damaging them or you are not in the mood to repeat your “nice things” in public. A good example of what I am talking about is a sports car.

Beautifully designed, horsepower packed sports cars are usually weekend toys for their owners. Their everyday car would be something much less ostentatious and chauffeur driven. On the weekends, these guys will put on their finest clothes and pull their eye popping beauties out of the garage in the wee hours of the morning and go for a breakfast drive somewhere out of the city. As everyday drivers, sports cars can be quite the nuisance. They have big gas guzzling motors, a back breaking stiff suspension and are always a pain to get in and out of as they can get quite cramped. Yes, they are amazing to look at and drive but a short drive here and there is more than enough, especially on the; please insert a sarcastic tone here, “wonderful” roads we have in India.

From the outside it may seem like your normal ML250 CDI, but it is not until you get closer that you see those flared grilles and swooping lines, along with those typically AMG, gaping quad-pipe exhaust tips, that makes you realise that it ain’t no normal Benz, but something unique. A super powered SUV. The ML63 AMG. AMG ’s motto is, “One man, one engine.” Yea that’s right, each AMG engine is assembled and inspected by one man only, and that man himself is completely responsible for that engine. That goes hand in hand with a bespoke suit as well. One suit, one draft. Each suit pattern is drafted according to your body measurements and is customizable to the way you want it just like your AMG.

Anyway, you must be thinking that this 5.5L twin turbo V8, 557hp, 760Nm of torque producing beast is a menace to drive in the city but let me assure you that is it not. You can make it creep around quietly through traffic or you can decide to bellow your way over the Sea-Link leaving the crowd in your dust. It’s your daily driver to the office and your chauffeur driven rocket ship to the party.

Above it all, the exhaust note that this car produces in Sports Mode, is probably somewhat along the lines of the sound that goes on in the minds of the ladies you just walked by, turning back not to check them out, but to make sure your car is okay and is looking good. It roars like a lion during a thunderstorm as you climb up the rev meter, then grunts like a rhino through the up-shifts and then decides to melodically snort as it matches the downshifts. On the inside it is as quiet and refined as ever. The steering wheel gets an alcantera leather grip that matches the material on the A-pillars, there is loads of wood on the dashboard and the leather seats are ridiculously comfortable. It is extremely luxurious on the inside.

Apart from the AMG badging and the large rims you cannot really tell that you are sitting in a Rs.2 crore vehicle, but that is honestly the best part. It looks great and sounds great, it gets you acknowledged; once you put on the suit and get into your ML63 AMG and turn it on, I’m sure as hell that it reciprocates!


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