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With the use of Carlo Barbera’s finest range of pure worsted wools and superior Wool-Silk-Linen blends produced in Biella Italy, Sarah and Sandeep pay a tribute to their roots in traditional bespoke tailoring for men. The garment design is a representation of the designers’ functional approach to fashion design and minimalistic detailing.

Prince of Wales Plaid, Glen-Checks, Windowpane Checks and Pin-Stripe are some of the patterns used for the collection that is available in the form of suits, blazers and overcoats. The color palette ranges from strapping corporate blues and greys to summer inspired shades of green, mauve and sea blue. The twenty-two styles created will represent the finest versions of Power-Suiting available in India and will be highly stylized as a guide to discerning gentlemen.

Sarah and Sandeep have used their design expertise in crafting one-of-a-kind pattern on pattern ensembles for the contemporary businessman. Using hand embroidered accoutrements that complement each look, they carefully play with uniquely paired weaves and color palettes that represent the new era of contemporary formal wear. The accessories designed include silk ties with hand-embroidered motifs in intricate patterns & gradients to tone-on-tone color shades.

This collection is conceptualized for the au courant gent with a choice of slim, crisp silhouettes and an edgy personal style. The deliberate approach to create formalized styles is easily comprehensible and honors the requisite for sartorial men in India seeking the truest form of bespoke tailoring and the finest version of light-weight and versatile fabrics.

No expense has been spared by the brands to present this range that comprises of suits perfected with horsehair canvassing that make the garment crease resistant and resilient. Each garment incorporates anti-cling Bemberg lining made from natural fibers that enhances breathability and comfort, while being 100% biodegradable.