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Our Essence Deconstructed



Governed by minimalistic aesthetics, our crips designs exemplify posed comfort.



Our studio houses over 15,000 fabric options that include ambient temperature weather adaptive wools and stain resistant shirtings.



Seeped in classical tailoring traditions, we provide both floating canvas suits and custom accessories.

Summer Festive

Fusion Island Ensembles designed by Sarah & Sandeep for fashion forward men with the aim of revolutionizing resortwear and destination wedding menswear.

Sarah & Sandeep
X Carlo Barbera

Luxury Suiting Styles featuring exclusive ultra high-end Carlo Barbera fabrics with pattern on pattern design and details by Sarah & Sandeep.

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Our Fabrics

The fabric selection of any design process is most crucial since it not only determines the fall of the garment, but also its life. At SS HOMME – Sarah & Sandeep, we have an extensive variety of high quality English and Italian fabrics by Dormeuil, Carlo Barbera, Scabal, Huddersfield, Vitale Barberis Canonico, etc. We stock exquisite worsted wool in super 100’s to super 180’s in mohair, cashmere, finest merino wool and linens that are suitable for diverse climatic conditions.

Our shirts are crafted with some of the finest Egyptian and 100% cottons by Soktas, Vaugh & Pickett, Grandi & Rubinelli, Dormeuil and Thomas Mason.

To honor our Indian origin, we offer a range of traditional indian pure silks and pure linens. Paired with intricate embroidery to achieve the essence of simplicity in Indian culture, we offer one of the most premier selections of handwoven fabrics in India. These fabrics are ideal for special occasions that are perfect for the cosmopolitan man.

SS HOMME - Sarah & Sandeep

Our Philosophy

SS HOMME - Sarah & Sandeep is a contemporary bespoke design house and Indo-fusion menswear label that caters to modern fashionable men all around the globe. The brand was founded in 2012 after extensive research in England and Italy and was launched in Mumbai, India once we were confident that we could bring the service provided by Savile Row brands to our own country. We aim to provide a unique and unrivaled experience for men looking to find a one-stop shop for their formalwear needs.

Our Founders

Sandeep Gonsalves


Backed by a Masters degree in Business Management & equipped with the know-how of handling brand building activities of a Multi National Company, Sandeep Gonsalves partnered with Sarah to create SS HOMME.Impeccable taste and an innate flair for contemporary design form the bookends of Sandeep’s vision to reconstruct classic menswear to suit the avant garde gentleman’s wardrobe.

Sarah Shaikh Gonsalves


SS HOMME is an articulation of the aesthetic philosophy of Sarah Sheikh, an alumnus of London College of Fashion and Wigan & Leigh.After her stint with GQ Magazine, she co-founded the brand to provide one of a kind designs that cater to the diverse body types of Indian men. Thus, her creations are a commemoration of form, governed by functionality.

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