Bespoke 2016-17

The narrative of Bespoke tailoring has transcended from monotonous suits to crisp formal attires that befits the personality of the urbane astute gent. The collection strikes a balance between archetypal silhouettes and contemporary designs.

Bespoke - Chiaroscuro

Bespoke 2016-17

The perceptive play of light and dark sets the undertone for SS HOMME's Fall Winter 2015 Collection, 'Chiaroscuro'.

It draws inspiration from the eponymous technique and captures juxtaposition by the use of contrastsin in structures contemporary and ethnic menswear. Following a neutral colour palette with accents of earthy tones, the collection brings to light the splendour of divergence. The collection highlights the use of transitional elements such as ombre paneling, deconstruction and colour blocking on worsted wool, velvet and silk linen fabrics to add variation to the garments without compromising on functionality.