The bespoke experience at SS HOMME is a metamorphic one. Every suit starts its journey as a notion. A design eager to be realized. The fabric swatches selected, the trimmings shortlisted and the measurements meticulously noted during the initial consultation serve as mere nascent curation of what is to come. Thereafter, customized patterns, drafted from scratch, must be carefully cut and painstakingly hand stitched to construct the rudimentary silhouette of the garment. It is at the Baste fit that the customer can discern how his suit will feel and fall. By the second fitting, our adept craftsmen sew the fabric into perfect contours, giving it shape and ascribing it a structured identity. At the last trial, the suit in its immaculate form is accoutred with accessories that breathe life into the ensemble and the metamorphosis is complete.

Consultation: The client will meet with the experts on an appointment basis where they get to choose from a variety of designs, fabrics & detailing options, as per the occasion. The client also has an option between a full floating canvas suit or a fused suit. It is important to note that the client must book an appointment a minimum of 30 working days before the desired delivery date if they wish to experience the whole bespoke process.

Measurements : After the design process, the clients detailed measurements are taken. We also keep a record of all our clients measurements.

Patterns : As per the clients measurements and selected designs, our masters will create custom patterns from scratch, as opposed to a made-to-measure garment, where standard patterns are altered.

Baste fit/First trial : This is the 1st trial; here the client will get an idea of the look and feel of the suit. If any alterations are to be done, they are noted and sent to the masters.

Second Trial : Details like the lining and additional design are incorporated for the client to get a better idea of the finished look. All required alterations are noted and changes are made for the final trial.

Final Trial/ Delivery : At this stage, the client will get to see the ready garment after alterations, to make sure that the garment is up to their expectations in terms of fit and the overall look.